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Your platform for managing, publishing and promoting tourist offer in your region!

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C-TIP is your platform for centrally managing tourist packages as well as recreational routes in your region.

  • Promotion of tourist information
  • Sharing recreational routes and tourist information
  • Preparing reports
  • Providing specific expert knowledge
  • Saving costs
  • One-time data storage for multiple use


C-TIP allows you to easily digitise and manage your recreational route networks (hiking, cycling, boating, etc.), facilities and Points of Interest (POIs). Using C-TIP, you are perfectly capable of managing, coordinating as well as promoting tourist information and tourist offer from multiple sources.

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To publish hiking networks and cycling routes, or for sharing information through tourist and regional agencies, but also to promote activities, events, culinary places and entrepreneurs… All information within C-TIP can be accessed and edited by different parties at different workstations and regions in real-time and simultaneously. It is how every C-TIP user can view the entire tourist offer. This easy access should provide an impetus for cooperation and discussions to align activities, initiatives and maintenance. This also helps make specific expert knowledge and local projects available to other parties interested.


C-TIP consists of different modules to help you access, manage and process all of your tourist (route) content. You may efficiently manage your facilities, route networks and objects using the Route Management and Management Plus Modules. Importing and processing data is perfectly simple thanks to the Import Module. The Drawing Module is a wonderful tool for designing or digitally changing route networks, without having to use GIS software. Specific routes and/or objects in your region can be selected and assigned to volunteers for inspection using the Select Module. With the Materials Module, office staff will know instantly which materials are required, and whether these are available from stock. With the Publication Module, it is perfectly easy to promote routes and tourist information, and share these with third parties using websites, mobile applications, route planners and PDF brochures.

Centralised storage

Data are centrally stored within C-TIP, and will remain property of the user and/or right-holder (of the image). Central storage means that there’s no longer a need for running a multitude of data(bases) simultaneously within a region. The centralised database is fed by import, your own input or by connecting it to third parties’ databases. Once data are imported within C-TIP, several functions can be applied. Images, text, opening hours, exhibitions or any other information can be added to tourist information and themed routes. Converting data into reports or presenting them is a straightforward process. Managing data from various sources has never been easier.

C-TIP: a single convenient control system for all of your tourist data.

The innovative solution for digitising, managing and publishing recreational routes and tourist offer.

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